Survive In The City During Economic Collapse   Leave a comment

Continuing from the previous post. If you are going to survive in the city, most likely you will need to run alot.  There will be people running after you, there will be people going from house to house to find food and supplies. If you can run fast and jump over short walls, you will have a huge advantage and will have a much bigger chance on getting away when time calls for it.

And when you think about it, in the city you have to rely on tap water, right? Not really. If you have a backyard you can also harvest rain water. If you have a 1,000 square feet of roof on your house and it rains 1 inch, you can collect 600 gallons of water! If you want to count on how much rainwater you could collect from your roof, then read the link below.

But what if you don’t have a roof that you can harvest from? I have no suggestions for you more than stock up on water.

I live in an appartment on the first floor and on the back of the building we have a small yard. If SHTF, I could go out with a barrel when it’s raining and plug it up to the pipes. When it’s full I can lift it back up on the balcony if I have some help. I’m quite lucky with having this, but would also get into trouble when the neighbours see because they will also want some of the water.

When it comes to food, if you have a backyard and you’re allowed to keep rabbits, chickens or any other small animal, make sure to get that quickly. It’s good to stock up but being able to raise or grow food is much better. If you live in an appartment you have no other choice than to stock up on food unless you could hide the small animals well.

If you are blessed with a garden, then buy seeds and start learning how to grow your garden. It will definately make sure that you survive if done correctly and if you can protect it.


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