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Survive Martial Law/Economic Collapse, A Book You Must Have!   6 comments

I have been spending some time reading this ebook that is supposed to explain many different things on how to survive the Martial Law that many today fear will happen in the US. My first thought about the book was that it wouldn’t do much to read it and it would be a waste of money, but my friend told me that it was great and that it had helped him alot in many different aspects, so I decided to read it..

Turns out, there are alot of things that I will be buying that I didn’t think of.. This book explains so many things that I jsut won’t be able to list it all here. It explains how to get away from a violent crowd, to jump walls, Bug Out Bag equipment that I haven’t even thought of, the best things to wear at all times to make sure you will be safe if all hell brakes loose and also how to protect yourself. And with this I didn’t even do the book justice. It’s a must read book for all preppers!

When you order this book you will not have to wait for it to be shipped to your house, you will get to download it to your computer.

The book is called Social Chaos: Escape & Evasion. – This is the link!

As mentioned above, I recommend this book to everyone who wants knowledge when it comes to this subject!

Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight!   Leave a comment

Ron Paul was on Piers Morgan Tonight for a full hour before the caucases comming up this weekend.!

People have lost their faith in the goverment and don’t want any more wars!   1 comment

Ron Paul talks about his chances in Nevada and the other caucus states.

James Cameron flees from USA!   Leave a comment

James Cameron anounced a couple of days ago to the press that he is moving indefinately with his family to a 2,636 acre farm in New Zealand that the family will work as a running farm.

James Cameron is one of the most famous Hollywood directors and have directed such movies as Titanic and Avatar.

The plan for the family is to move to New Zealand during this year.

James Cameron definately knows what is going on and he runs away from it.┬áIf it’s economic collapse, full out police state or something else remains to be seen.