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Some Of The Most Over Looked Preps!   Leave a comment

So I’ve been hyping this a little bit, but let’s get too it!

One of the most important things is exercise! If you can run for a long distance with good speed you will be able to get out of dodge when you will need to. This is really important, dosen’t matter if you are in the city or out of the city, you will still need to be able to move quickly when time calls for it. You might need to go into close combat, so being able to defend yourself is just as important.

It’s good if you have guns and ammunition, but if you run out of ammunition, your gun will only be good for either hitting someone with it or throwing it. Having knives, swords, bow and arrows, is a good back up if you get into this situation.


This is a good website that I found that really shows how to get into shape in a reasonable amount of time without all of these crazy diets or workouts: and if you don’t want to use that one or if you are already in shape, then I really recommend this website:

I’ve been using the second one for about 2 weeks now myself and it is working! the first one I used for 3 weeks and it gave me alot of information on how to start out and what I should be doing. I’m not trying to promote something that will not help you, but I’m telling you about things that I have done and that have helped me and can definately help you.


Preparing For Economic Collapse   1 comment

There are certain things that you need to do when you are preparing for this kind of a disaster. Every prepper only think about guns, food and water.. Is this really all you need to survive this kind of a event?

Definately not. These things are definately very important, but not all you need. What happens when you run out of food? Or water? Or ammo? How will you survive then? What if you are stuck in the city and can’t get out? In my next posts I will put some light on these problems, the explanations are simply too long for one post.

How Will It Look After The Collapse?   8 comments

This is just to give you an idea how it will look after that the economy have collapsed or the hyper inflation have come.

We Were Warned In 1929, We Have Been Warned Now   1 comment

Roger Babson, 1875-1967, was an entrepreneur, economist and business theorist both before and after the great depression. He was accused of lack of patriotism and for selling America short for saying that there was going to be a crash and that the aftermath was going to be terrible. On september 5th, 1929, Roger Babson gave a speech where he said “Sooner or later a crash is coming, and it may be terrific.” Later on that very day, the stock market declined with about 3%. This became known as the “Babson Break”. The crash and the great depression didn’t come long after that.

So we were warned back then, but have we been warned now?

There have been a few warnings, this is a warning from Ron Paul and Max Kaiser.

Surviving A Hyper Inflation/Economic Collapse   Leave a comment

Many are talking about this today but many don’t know how they should start or how they should prepare. Some don’t think it through and don’t get the things they really will need.
I will do the best of my ability to make sure that everyone that reads this will be able to prepare without spending money on things they don’t need or buying less than they will need.