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Who Needs To Prepare?   3 comments

I often read or hear about that if USA goes bankrupt and the dollar collapses, then it would be America’s problem but other countries would just get a hit but make it out alright. This is not true however. If the US dollar collapses then it will have a domino effect on other economies. You will see Europe, China, Middle eastern oil countries and some other asian countries economies fall one by one.

So when it comes to preparing, it’s not only american citizens who need to prepare. We all need to start preparing before it’s too late.

Now if you are also preparing for the NWO and Martial Law which many are in America, Canada and in the UK, then hopefully I can help you aswell.


Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight!   Leave a comment

Ron Paul was on Piers Morgan Tonight for a full hour before the caucases comming up this weekend.!

People have lost their faith in the goverment and don’t want any more wars!   1 comment

Ron Paul talks about his chances in Nevada and the other caucus states.