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Can’t Afford To Prepare?   2 comments

There are many out there that simply can’t afford to prepare. People are losing their jobs, prices are going up and etc. Then there are those who can afford but want to make some more money to be even more prepared.

There is an answer to what you can do. Work online. It’s a good way of making money and thousands upon thousands are doing it every day. You can do everything from writing a blog, upload videos to youtube, work for an online company, buy and resell on different websites like ebay for example..

There are many more things you can do but these are the most usual ones. And even though many are doing it you can still make a living on working online. It all comes down to if you are willing to do an effort and actually work.

I will explain better in other posts where I will deal with each of the subjects one by one.


How Will It Look After The Collapse?   8 comments

This is just to give you an idea how it will look after that the economy have collapsed or the hyper inflation have come.

Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight!   Leave a comment

Ron Paul was on Piers Morgan Tonight for a full hour before the caucases comming up this weekend.!

People have lost their faith in the goverment and don’t want any more wars!   1 comment

Ron Paul talks about his chances in Nevada and the other caucus states.